Cruise Traffic

Cruise Traffic

What is Cruise Traffic?

We are an Internet marketing company. We optimize several web sites and bring qualified traffic to your web site. It is just like the search engines that are bringing traffic to your web site. The only difference is we are bringing you a much better ROI (Return on Investment).

How do you bring traffic to my web site?

One perfect example would be someone who is searching for the " Explorer of the Seas " cruise ship, owned by Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, we would bring the searcher to our web site, when the client clicks" EXPLORER OF THE SEAS " we would send the traffic to your website that sells EXPLORER OF THE SEAS. We send only the qualified and interested searchers, to your web site. These qualified visitors will become your customers.

How much do I pay for qualified traffic?

It depends on the link, but ranges from $1.00-$3.00 for each qualified visitor we send you. Imagine this, by the time you receive 100 qualified visitors you could potentially have more than 20 sales and have made thousands of dollars.

We recommend that you have the following in your web site.

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